New Releases: Infographics on Caregivers in Quebec and the Type of Support They Provide

Discover the key findings of the statistical report, “Qui sont les personnes proches aidantes au Québec et quel type de soutien apportent-elles ? Une analyse différenciée selon le sexe et l’âge”
20 December 2023

Did you know that caregivers aged 45 to 64, especially women, engage in a broader range of caregiving activities? That women are less likely to self-identify as caregivers because they already bear a significant portion of caregiving and domestic work responsibilities (meal preparation, cleaning, etc.)?

Dive deeper into the findings with our new infographics, highlighting key insights from the statistical report, Who are Quebec’s informal or family caregivers and what kinds of support do they provide? Une analyse différenciée selon le sexe et l’âge .

See the two infographics :

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